cover for Game Port, GameLit novel, showing blue sphere superimposed over woman's headTitle: Game Port: #BlueMatterSeries v1
Author: Jules Brae
Series: Blue Matter Series #1
Genre: , ,
Release Date: December 2019
Words: 104386
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Summary: After a woman who swore off sims finds herself shanghaied in a VR game, she must team up with the players who trapped her there to complete a quest that could provide her with a way out.

Her last sim took everything she had. This one took what was left.

Tamsin Noonien is level 0 . . . and that’s all she knows. She learns her name from a stranger who seems more confused than she is about where they are. He can’t even work the user interface. Tam is the one who figures out they’re in a virtual reality game—one with no exit.

Desperate for answers, she begins a series of quests to regain her memory. The more she learns, however, the more betrayed she feels. This isn’t the first time she’s been fooled into a virtual reality simulation, left to wonder what’s real and what isn’t. Last time, her own brother set her up, and it looks like he’s done it again.

But this time, the project leaders have lost control of the sim. The game has been infiltrated by saboteurs—the same anti-tech religious fanatics who killed Tam’s parents. They seem hell-bent on destroying the sim and everyone in it.

Tam has one chance to get her old life back. But it will mean joining forces with the people who deceived her, playing their game, and trusting everyone to get it right.

LitRPG fans hungry for clever quests, exotic characters, and non-stop RPG action will devour Game Port, the first book in the Blue Matter Series. Grab your copy today!

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